Limited Edition of Award Winning Fire Nymph Collage Princess Jacket

The Fire Nymph is the name we gave to this jacket that we entered in the 2016 Western Design Conference in Jackson Wyoming juried wearable art fashion competition for which we won a Blue Ribbon Best of Award and a $1,000 prize!  Sandy described this jacket in her artist’s statement as “the signature piece of the Cacophony of Colors Collection.” With orange and red, colors of strength and boldness, it captures the brilliance of a dancing fire, falling leaves and joyous celebration.

And we have enough fabric to make three more of the orange silk felted with light fawn fabric and the beautiful fire shades of orange. The jacket is our own princess line design, with a collage fabric up the two front panels and down the middle back panel. Collarless, with cuffs of collage and a magnificent orange glass button, we think this is simply a stunning jacket. It has pockets in the side seams and is completely lined with a majestic orange poly fabric that shimmers. We only have enough  fabric to make three jackets, so order now to get this jacket made in your size!



Most of our jacket fabrics are made from 80% alpaca from our herd and 20% merino wool from other US herds. We hand felt our fabrics at our ranch in our fabric design center using an American-made FeltLOOM. We also use hand-dyed fabrics to create unique looks. The black, grey, fawn, brown and white fabrics you see are the natural colors of our herd, which we breed and raise for their highest quality, luxurious alpaca fleece.

The lightweight, almost airy feel of our inner wear fabrics come from a single layer of felted alpaca. Inner weight can be worn on cool days, or inside in air-conditioned environments, without the wearer overheating. Outer weight fabrics are thicker, with three layers of felted alpaca, but with the lack of bulk that alpaca is known for. Outer weight is suitable for cooler temperatures, and without the bulk of thicker wool fabrics or down feathers.

Using a new technique Sandy learned from textile artist Melissa Arnold, we have been creating collage fabrics to create a unique one of a kind embellishment for our jackets.  Using hand dyed silks and alpaca/merino batts for the base, Sandy lays out pieces of repurposed fabrics, scraps, threads, salvage remnants, threads, ribbons, and yarns into unique one of a kind beautiful collages.  These are needle felted into a light combination, stitched freehand and then felted using water, soap and agitation.

When we seek out unusual and creative buttons, clasps and other embellishments for our alpaca jackets, we source them from local handcrafters wherever possible. Each jacket is unique; no two are alike.

We design our alpaca jackets to show off these one-of-a-kind fabrics and have local talented seamstresses hand sew each item we sell. Now, you can purchase U.S. handmade alpaca garments, accessories and fabrics right here, in the United States, under our Whispirit label.

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