Black and White and Red All Over Collage Wrap


This scarf is part of the 2016 Cacophony of Color Collection.  Each item in this collection is made one of a kind item, that is result of an artful and largely free form style of laying our a combination of similar colored fabrics on a surface before felting. We simply cannot do identical and each piece is a one of a king collector’s item.

The Black and White and Red All Over Collage scarf is 63″ by 7.5″ and the felted area of the scarf is 57″ x 4.” The hand dyed red chiffon edges of the scarf are finished with a rolled hem. The back of the scarf is a hand dyed red alpaca/merino felt, with red free motion stitching. The decorative black, white, bronze and black pieces of wool, silk, linen and silk. It is finished with a sparkling gold and red woven/knitted ribbon. Every inch of this long scarf is artful. And ecofriendly too….

When in doubt, wear red!


All Whispirit’s wraps are handmade in New Mexico from a combination of alpaca (75% and merino wool (25%). We use alpaca from our own herd of 40 some animals, and wool from other New Mexico and US ranchers. Our shawls are needle felted by hand in our fabric design center into a very sheer silk (Silpaca) or cotton (Copaca) gauze, using an American-made piece of felting equipment, the FeltLoom. We use hand-dyed fabrics in our shawls, especially those with vibrant colors.

Our black, grey, fawn, brown and white fabrics are the natural colors of our herd, which we selectively breed and raise for the most exquisite, high quality fleece. That makes them unique and one of a kind – no two runs of alpaca fabric are the same, therefore no two winter alpaca hats are, either.

Using a new technique Sandy learned from felt artist Melissa Arnold, Sandy has been creating new collage shawls and wraps.  Using hand dyed silks and alpaca/merino batts for the base, Sandy lays out pieces of repurposed fabrics, scraps, threads, salvage remnants, threads, ribbons, and yarns into unique one of a kind beautiful collages.  These are needlefelted into a light combination, stitched freehand and then felted using water, soap and agitation into unique one of a kind shawls, wraps or scarves.

This commitment to local and American-made makes it possible for us to proudly proclaim that our hats and other accessories, jackets, shawls, scarves and vests are all 100% handcrafted in the USA from barn to closet. Do they cost a little more that imported, machine made garments of lesser quality? Yes, and they are worth it.




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