Alpacino Basic Felt

This is our version of the familiar sheets of felted material you’d see at fabric stores. Like all of our handmade fabrics, this is a unique blend of alpaca (75%) and merino wool (25%) that we needlefelt using the FeltLOOM. We find this combination felts better and has more memory that 100% felted alpaca.

Alpacino basic felt has a smooth hand that makes it ideal for all jackets, coats, vests, hats, shawls and scarves. We make 3 oz sheets of fabric approximately 40 inches wide by 40 inches long. All colors are natural and undyed: black, brown, fawn, grey, and white.




We hand make all Whispirit alpaca fabrics right here on our alpaca ranch from animals we raise here, too. All fabrics are made by a needlefelting process, during which we combine washed and carded natural alpaca (75-80%) and merino wool (20-25%) into a unique and lovely textile. Most of our fabrics are handfelted into a very sheer silk (Silpaca) or cotton (Copaca) gauze. We also add embellishments of silk, wool, and other natural products to create the looks we like.

Alpaca wool is a natural fiber that looks and feels luxurious. Alpaca fibers are equally, if not more, durable than fiber from sheep or goats. Though less expensive than cashmere, alpaca wool had a higher value than precious metals like silver or gold to the Incas of Peru.

Alpacas come in range of more than twenty naturally gorgeous colors, from inky black to warm chestnut and snowy white, and their wool is lofty, soft, and warm. The alpaca’s environmental footprint is much smaller than a sheep or cashmere goat, and thus sustainable. And if you’ve ever touched felted fabric created from alpaca wool, you know that the texture, loft, softness, drape and lightness of alpaca makes it ideal for most climates and uses.

Please remember that the colors pictured might not be identical, because each alpaca’s color is truly unique. So, if the exact shade of color is important to you please send us a note at [email protected] to request a picture of the exact fabric you’re interested in.

Contact us at [email protected] to have us make a custom fabric for you or to discuss ordering wholesale. We offer wholesale pricing with the purchase of ten yards or more, including orders that combine fabric to reach 10 yards.

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