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alpacasGreetings from the alpacas (and their owners) of Whispirit! Our mission is to showcase our U.S. born and raised alpaca as a barn-to-closet creator of unique, luxurious, hand-made & hand-sewn, high-quality apparel. We bring the highest quality nonwoven (not knitted) alpaca fiber wearables to discerning consumers from our ranch, studio and workshop in the mountains of Central New Mexico.

Whispirit is as close as possible to 100% grown, manufactured and assembled in the United States. Our animals are born, raised and shorn in New Mexico. Our batting mills are in Colorado and Washington. When we buy our unique notions and buttons – mostly from natural materials – we buy from U.S. vendors. No patterns cut here then shipped elsewhere for assembly, either. Our seamstresses are local.

Alpaca fiber has long been associated with the luxury available only to royalty. Until now, savvy fashionistas have purchased alpaca garments imported to the U.S. from our South American neighbors. Now, Whispirit fills the need.

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whispiritThe Whispirit Way

We’ve been told, “you can’t get a high-quality American made alpaca garment.” Nonsense! We think you’ll agree that Whispirit has created exactly that. Once you experience the high quality, affordable luxury of Whispirit’s designs, you’ll be a believer, too.

We create our nonwoven alpaca fiber fabric to be hand sewn into unique wearable designs using our mechanized FeltLOOM. The FeltLOOM is designed, patented and produced by an ingenious farming couple in Kentucky. The FeltLOOM’s over 900 barbed needles push and pull natural fibers into a solid piece of durable, lightweight cloth. We have replaced the laborious hand needle felting with a process that is capable of producing consistently beautiful, felted natural fabric.

One of our goals is to increase employment opportunities for our neighbors and small businesses in our community.

Depending on what we’re making, we sometimes FeltLOOM our natural colored alpaca fibers into a soft, strong piece of fabric or affix them to a beautiful piece of silk, cotton gauze or upholstery fabric. The results are amazing – soft, supple, strong, warm light materials that showcase the alpaca fibers.

See our gorgeous fabrics and wearable designs.


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